Boys & Girls Club of Edinburg

Working with the Boys & Girls Club has been one of the greatest experiences and a true privilege. I've had the opportunity to design a few items for them. The 2013 Annual Report was a booklet of their financial and statistic reports that was distributed to their donators. The report was inspired by geometric shapes to give it a contemporary look. The photography used through the booklet was original as well. This was a collaboration with Edna Galvan. The invitations were created for the 2013 Annual Corporate Meeting and Christmas Banquet. Since the banquet would be taking place around Christmas, I was inspired by the concept of a "Winder Wonderland" and used snowflakes as the main design. I decided to continue with the geometric design style of the 2013 Annual Report as well. Lastly, the 2014 Mid Annual Report was much simpler and the design included neon colors to represent the spring season. Basic square and rectangular shapes were used in a color blocking effect with a play on layout and transparencies. The photographs were also original. This was a collaboration with Edna Galvan and Julia Solis.

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